Part II and DPhil projects

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We are an active and vibrant research group with a positive dynamic and friendly atmosphere. Excellent support is given to new Part II and DPhil students in the form of mentorship by senior group members. We publish regularly in all the major journals for organic chemistry and have presented many research seminars and posters at conferences (>200) all over the world (e.g. Europe, US, Asia, Australia). We have more than 200 publications in wide-ranging and high impact journals.
Strong tradition of successful Part II projects
Brian Bannister Thesis Prize Dana Aynetdinova (2019), M. Haughey (2016), C. Shotton (2014), N. Race (2010)
Runners-up Thesis Prize Benjamin Reeves (2019), Filip Muncan (2018), J. Hoffman (2016), J. Walker (2013), A. Gatland (2011)
PhD Students Prizes
Lilly Prizes for Excellence
(1st year transfer reports)
S. Werrel, K. Melikhova, M. Tucker, D. Baker (commended C. Hall, T. Kwok)
Winners of SCI's 1st National Retrosynthesis Competition C. Winter and R. Pullin
Group’s research prizes (most recent)
RSC Synthetic Organic Chemistry Award (2011)
SCI Process Chemistry Prize (2012)
RSC Charles Rees Heterocyclic Chemistry Award (2014)

What’s next after a Part II or a DPhil?
In total, ca. 80 percent of the graduate researchers and post-docs who leave the TJD research group take up employment in organic chemistry in the UK and abroad (including 11 people at AstraZeneca, 8 people at GlaxoSmithKline and smaller numbers to Pfizer, Lilly, Syngenta, Novartis, ICR and Shell).

Academic positions
Several members have gained independent academic careers:
Dr Roly J. Armstrong (postdoc 2017-2021) Lecturer in Chemistry at Newcastle University
Prof. Johannes C. L. Walker (DPhil, 2013-2017) Junior Professor at the University of Gottingen.
Dr. G. Hargaden (postdoc, 2007-10) Lecturer at the Dublin Institute of Technology
Prof. J. Bower (postdoc, 2008-10) Professor at the University of Bristol
Dr. C. Jones (postdoc, 2009-12) Lecturer at Queen Mary University
Prof. H. Sintim (postdoc, 2002-2004) Professor at Purdue University, USA
Dr. S. Butterworth (DPhil, 2001-2004) Lecturer at the University of Manchester
Dr. D. Carbery (postdoc, 2003) Lecturer at the University of Bath