Donohoe Research Group

University of Oxford

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I am currently Professor of Chemistry at the University of Oxford and a fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford.

Our research lies in the field of asymmetric synthesis and the application of stereoselective oxidation and reduction reactions to natural product synthesis. We have a burgeoning interest in the area of carbohydrates and the application of metathesis to the synthesis of heterocycles. My group currently consists of three post doctoral researchers, twelve D.Phil. students and four Part II students. A poster of the group's research can be found

I can be found in CRL Office 10: tel (01865) 275649; e-mail

Curriculum Vitae
Academic Titles and Positions
2006 – 2011 Head of Organic Chemistry, University of Oxford

2004 – present Professor of Chemistry, Magdalen College and the University of Oxford

2001 – 2004
Lecturer in Chemistry, Magdalen College and the University of Oxford

2000 – 2001
Reader in Chemistry, University of Manchester

1994 – 2000
Lecturer in Chemistry, University of Manchester

1993 – 1994 Post doctoral research with Prof. P. D. Magnus FRS on the synthesis of Taxol and its deoxy derivatives using an intramolecular pyrylium ylide cycloaddition approach, resulting in 5 publications.

1989 – 1992 D.Phil, Oxford University, under the supervision of Prof. S. G. Davies entitled Chiral Oxonium Ions, resulting in 5 publications.

1985 – 1989
BSc (Hons) first class, University of Bath. Final year project with Professor T. J. Gallagher entitled Ketenethioacetals as synthons for the synthesis of substituted aminoacids.

Awards and Positions
2015 Editor of Tetrahedron Letters

2014 EPSRC Established Career Fellow

2014 Royal Society of Chemistry: Charles Rees Award

AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer & Syngenta Prize for Process Chemistry Research

2011 Royal Society of Chemistry: Synthetic Organic Chemistry Award

Royal Society of Chemistry: Corday-Morgan Medal

AstraZeneca Award for Organic Chemistry

Novartis Young Investigator Award

Pfizer Academic Award

Glaxo Wellcome award for Innovative Chemistry

1998 – 2001
Associate Editor (UK) for the journal Tetrahedron Letters